How to choose the best kickboxing shoes?

Choosing the right shoes with the right size and shape is one of the important points for people who exercise.

Providing proper kickboxing shoes, which is considered as one of the main tools of any kickboxing activity done today, has been very important for better performance of sports.

Sneakers have three main functions: foot protection, comfort and carrying body weight. Before we continue, if you are looking for the kickboxing shoes in the market you can find this amazing list of kickboxing shoes, which is much better than other list on the web. The best shoe by far is the Nike’s men metcon, which not many kickboxers know about.

In general, anatomical and physiological elements cause effective movement at the same time.

Safe movement, effective movement and quality movement are very important in moving three factors.

The main anatomy of a foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and a group of ligaments.

The structure of the foot plays a very important role in movement. The sciences of kinematics and biomechanics are highly interdependent in foot movement.

One foot hits the ground 10,000 times a day on average and will travel an average of 186,075 kilometers in a lifetime.

In a one-foot jump or a long step, about 315 and a half kilometers of pressure is applied to the athlete’s foot.

There are three mechanisms of energy storage (shock absorption) in the foot, including stretching of the Achilles tendon, flattening of the arch of the foot, and cushioning under the heel.

What makes a Good Kickboxing shoes:

.To observe three important factors in movement, we must pay close attention to the feet and to achieve this goal, we must choose the right shoes.

A good sneaker has its own anatomy.

Important parts of sneakers include the big toe, the back of the heel, the inside of the insole, the middle of the insole, the outside of the insole, the neck of the ankle and the appendage of the heel.
A few tips for choosing the right sports shoes:

1) Shoes should be the size of the foot, not just beautiful.

2) When buying, try both shoes.

3) When you put on your shoes, stand up and make sure there is three to 12 millimeters of free space in your toe.

4) Never buy tight shoes in the hope that they will fit.

5) Buy shoes that are designed for the desired sport.

6) If your foot presses against the leather on the shoe so that it protrudes from the shoe, put it aside.

7) Buy shoes that control the movement enough.

8) People with high foot arch should wear shoes that have high flexibility and avoid wearing shoes that restrict the foot.

9) People with flat feet should wear shoes with a very firm middle layer to control movement and reduce internal rotation.

10) People with natural plantar arches should wear shoes that have a slight bulge.

Sneakers sole:

Perhaps it can be boldly said that the most important part of a shoe for a runner is its sole.

The sole of the shoe should have the following characteristics:

A: The floor should have arches in accordance with the natural arches of the foot, so that it can support the arches of the foot while bearing the weight of the body.

After choosing shoes that have flat soles, strictly avoid.

B: The sole of the shoe should be flexible enough to be able to bend completely when the foot is separated from the ground, so that the walking or running cycle is complete.

Choosing shoes that are not flexible enough can cause muscle fatigue in the legs as well as muscle pain in the soles of the feet.

A: Shoes should be soft enough to prevent the amount of force transmitted to the body.

Shoes that are too soft are just as ineffective in neutralizing the forces transmitted to the body as shoes that are too soft.

Research has shown that energy consumption is higher when using such shoes.

D: The height of the sole of the shoe is also an important factor in choosing the right shoe, so that the height of the sole at the heel should be at least 2 cm.

Choosing low-heeled shoes can cause pain in the wrists, knees, back and sometimes headaches.